Baketime Story

Once Upon a Time - Welcome to Baketime Story

Once upon a time in Alton, Hampshire, we (two cookie loving goodies) fell in love with the idea of gooey centred, New-York style cookies that were bursting with fun flavours. Time went by, life brought its stresses and there were baddies along the way. Until we sat back and remembered our dream, we turned to each other and said in unison “Let’s bake up a tasty tale” and from there, Baketime Story began.

From Chapter 1 we knew we wanted to create freshly baked cookies, and our enemy was the mass produced cookies that contained more additives than we could count. We wanted to create an authentic bakery that used the finest ingredients, never compromising on taste or flavour. So, that’s exactly what we did!

Whisking up our wicked skills and experience, we set about creating a range of buttery baked cookies and had so much fun playing around with different flavours. Even if our son didn’t appreciate being the taste tester for some of our more questionable experiments.

Once we cracked the cookie code and perfected our recipe, it was time to move onto Chapter 2, making these readily available to the public. As foodies, we know the power that great food can have in bringing together families and friends, and we wanted the great taste of Baketime Story to be enjoyed by everyone in the country.

We offered fast and free UK delivery and our cookies began to reach the many mouths of the nation. Whether it was a treat to themselves, a cheat day gift or a present for their loved ones, so many different kinds of people began ordering our cookies. And as they say, the rest is history…

We fell in love at first bite and so have our customers. Now it’s your turn! Each one of our cookies has a different gooey middle, which will take your taste buds on an enchanting adventure.

Create your own Baketime Story, and join our cookie family.

Want to be part of our mouth-watering story? Order your cookies now.
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